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Herbal clinics in Wirral and Cheshire
Herbalist on-line and telephone consultations available

Natural Hormone Balancing

Herbalists create remedies that are extracted from part of
the whole herb or plant (e.g. roots, leaves , berries etc.)
rather than breaking down chemical compounds as in
conventional medicine.
The plant is part of nature and said to represent balance.
Herbalists use their remedies, with a natural combination of
elements, restoring the balance of the body and allowing it to begin the healing process.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine known as  plants have been used as medicine by all cultures throughout the ages. A herbalist specializes in the use of plants, as botanical medicines, in the treatment of disease.
Herbal medicine offers a safe, effective and gentle approach suitable for all. A wide range of conditions can be treated. 

How do herbs work?

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