Progesterone - A natural hormonal treatment
Menopausal symptoms start much earlier these days and precede the event by possibly ten or even fifteen years.The oestrogen used in HRT these days is mainly oestradiol which is the most potent of all our oestrogen.  It is this oestrogen that can cause problems if given in high doses without progesterone to negate it's dangerous side-effects.
Natural progesterone is often needed to balance our oestrogen levels and balance is the key. It is in every way bio-identical to our body’s own production of it, and it is not included in HRT, even though it has been proven to work much more efficiently. You see, it can't be patented!

Oestrogen dominance and low progesterone, are the scourge of our contemporary life, but these conditions can be addressed with inexpensive progesterone cream which is applied daily. Our labs. Can perfom tests to see if an individual is deficient.

Consider the fact that progesterone influences our other hormones, thus our mood, the pituitary gland and blood sugar thus hypoglycaemia, and our weight. It is our feel-good factor. We produce 400ml daily in the third trimester of pregnancy (the placenta is full of it!) and ordinarily about 25ml per day during the second half of our menstrual cycle. However, production is often severely curbed due to oestrogen dominance, menopause or post menopausal states.
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