Your first appointment

The first appointment will take approximately an hour. During this time, we will discuss your health problems, your medical history, lifestyle and diet.


On the basis of the consultation, I will formulate herbal preparations to suit your constitution, to address your complaint and promote inner health and wellbeing. The herbal preparations will be in the form of infusions (teas), tinctures, creams or pills.

Subsequent Appointments

Subsequent appointments usually last for about half an hour. During this time we check progress and adjust your herbal formulation accordingly. As time passes your treatment requirements may change.
Tel.: 0151 336 2693

Adults Initial Appointment £ 45
Follow up appointments £ 20

Herbal medicines typically cost £ 3 to £6 per week (approx.)

Children under 16
Initial appointment £25
Follow up appointments £15

Online consultation DetailsI also offer appointments over the internet and by telephone.

Initial consultation: £10 Follow-up £5
Herbal Medicines £3 to £6 per week (approx.)

Please note 48 hours notice is required for cancellations otherwise the fee is payable.

Concessionary appointments are available for patients on low income – please telephone or e-mail

Consultations are available face to face, and/or available over the telephone or on line
or internet (after which, you will be sent appropriate remedies).
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